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Шлифовальный круг на липучке. Особо износостойкий абразивный материал на основе синтетической плёнки FILM для удаления старого ЛКП, сухого шлифования металла, композитов, наполнителей, лакокрасочных материалов и твёрдой древесины. ...
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The company AUTOPAINT OÜ deals with supply of professional car refinishing and other materials to bodyshops and car washing stations. Our aim is to be the best for our customers and guarantee various support in both preparation and usage of professional solutions and services throughout Estonia. 

Our team consists of 10 splendid employees who, over the years, have obtained sufficient knowledge and skills to provide high-quality service. Target activities and persistence helped us grow along with our customers and become of the most significant players on car refinishing and autochemistry market of Estonia.

We have been dealing with car paint sales all over the Baltic States since the year 1995. Starting 2000 the company has began its co-operation and representation of one world's top manufacturers in the field - Akzo Nobel CR. In 2005 Autopaint became a distributor of Auto Wax Company Inc. (AWC) products Automagic and Bodymagic and in 2006 we began introducing to the Estonian market the brand Sunmight belonging to Asia's largest abrasives manufacturer, SUN ABRASIVES CO. LTD.

Akzo Nobel Car Refinishers is now one of the leaders in car refinishing material manufacturing. We represent the ANCR brands SIKKENS, LESONAL and DYNACOAT that have been serving for quick, effective and high-quality car repair over many years. Besides the materials the company also offers a wide range of equipment and technical support, e.g. "Automatchic" system that allows to quickly measure a damaged spot and match the suitable color in bodyshop conditions, or the "Carinfo II" system allowing to computerize the administrative control over the bodyshop technological processes and increase their profitability.

Alogside the car refinishers and abrasive we also offer a wide range of car repair equipment, such as spraybooths, sprayguns and spraygun washers, central dust extraction, welding equipment, hand tools and trolleys, ventilation equipment, measuring systems, benches and jigs, filters and spares, lifts, sanders and many more.

We concentrate on our customers' success and our duty is to supply such products and services that would guarantee fair price and quality ratio and comply with the high Health and Safety standards of the modern world.


Yours sincerely,

Autopaint OÜ