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Volkswagen AG has granted technical approval to AkzoNobel’s Lesonal brand for global use. The approval follows extensive and intensive testing procedures against Volkswagen’s repair specifications to demonstrate Lesonal’s compliance with both US and European standards.

AkzoNobel has had a long and successful relationship with Volkswagen, and its Sikkens brand has enjoyed global approval since 1994. Adding Lesonal provides repair specialists around the world with additional choices; Lesonal offers a combination of high performance, outstanding value and ease of use.

At the same time as the approval was extended to Lesonal, Volkswagen also renewed its approval of Sikkens. Since Volkswagen first approved the Sikkens brand, AkzoNobel has introduced numerous new products and has continuously upgraded its entire Sikkens product line.

“We’re very pleased to gain approval for Lesonal and re-affirm Volkswagen’s approval of our Sikkens brand,” says Kerstin Stranimaier, Director Marketing, AkzoNobel Automotive & Aerospace Coatings. “Volkswagen AG is one of the most highly respected automotive manufacturers in the world, and our relationship with Volkswagen is extremely important."

Adds Stefan Wieditz, Director Automotive Technology: “Our ability to deliver the high quality products that meet their discerning standards is of course testimony to the quality of our automotive refinish products.”

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Volkswagen AG has granted technical approval to AkzoNobel’s Lesonal brand for...

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